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France Is About to Make After-Hours Work Email Illegal

France is returning to its laissez-faire roots by proposing to ban after-work emails.

BY EVELYN WANG | Mar 30, 2016 | Technology

France, the country that invented chill, is returning to its laissez-faire roots. A new bill proposes to give workers the "right to disconnect" after office hours and on the weekends. If passed, it would require employers to encourage their underlings to stay the hell away from iPhones and "other devices," USA Today reports.

This proposed legislation comes after a series of measures from the government, including allowing overtime (the horror!), that sent the masses Les Mis-ing furiously into the streets. But although the powerful labour unions there hated those other changes, they seem at least somewhat receptive to the new bill. One French company that piloted disconnecting at home four years ago report workers are just as productive, even though after-hours emails dropped 11 percent last year. 

From: Esquire US.