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This Is What Could Happen To Your Old iPhone

Liam is Apple's answer to recycling.

BY PETER WADE | Mar 28, 2016 | Technology

In case you weren't glued to Tim Cook's presentation at the Apple event last week, you might have missed the introduction of Liam, a robot that disassembles iPhones and strips them for parts.

Liam is part of Apple's initiative to be more eco-friendly. With precise, economical movements, Liam identifies, disassembles and sorts the various parts of an iPhone for reuse. It takes lithium and cobalt from the battery, silver and platinum from the aluminium casing and logic board, plus gold and copper from the camera.

Considering how much time (and money) we spend protecting our iPhones, it's hard not to cringe as the screen is ruthlessly torn off the front of the phone, but after that, it's pretty cool to see how precise and efficient the entire process is.

From: Esquire US.