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WhatsApp Now Allows Text Formatting

The latest update to the popular instant messaging client now allows formatting of text.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Mar 30, 2016 | Technology

Emojis are rad but wouldn’t you like to add more nuances in your conversations? Well, the latest update to WhatsApp allows you to bold, italicse or strikethrough your text.

You’ll need to know a few handy characters to enable it though. Think html and you're half-way there. Here’s how:

1 | Add asterisks before and after text to bold it: *the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog*

2 | Add underscores before and after text to italicise it: _ the “lazy” dog swiftly grabs the fox in its jaws_

3 | Add tildes before and after text to underline it: ~oh the hubris as the fox slowly and painfully dies~

Hell, if you’re feeling creative, you can bold, italicise and underline text at once.

WhatsApp seems to be on a roll here. Its last update included PDF support and easier photo sharing. If the app continues with this streak, it’ll secure their place as King of the Instant messaging client mountain.

Your move now, Facebook Messenger.