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Star Wars' BB-8 is a toy for all ages

Yup. We’re still on a Force Awakens high. Own a piece of the Star Wars universe, with a droid that’s too true to be real

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Jan 1, 2016 | Technology

Photograph from Sphero

When BB-8 first appeared in The Force Awakens teaser, everybody thought it was CGI. How can you blame them? After all, the droid’s body rolls independently from its head, which stays near its vertical axis, but JJ Abrams wanted BB-8 to function practically. Enter Sphero. The company took its internal mechanics and applied it to BB-8 with a patented gyroscope and holonomic motion. Despite knowing how BB-8 works, we’re still head over heels in love with the little guy that might replace the family dog.

BB-8 by Sphero retails for SGD249 and is available at all Toys R Us outlets.

First published in Esquire Singapore's January 2016 issue.