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Lupe Fiasco Slays the Beast

Did rapper Lupe Fiasco beat one of the world's greatest Street Fighter player? According to the video... yes.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Feb 19, 2016 | Technology

With Street Fighter V being released today (19/02/16), Capcom and PlayStation are pulling out all the marketing stops like this evening’s Street Fighter V’s launch party in Singapore. But one particular event has gotten considerable buzz: rapper Lupe Fiasco went head-to-head with Daigo Umehara aka the Beast aka Guinness World Record holder for most wins in Street Fighter tournaments in a Street Fighter V exhibition match… and won.

Of course, there are those who cried foul that Daigo threw the match so as to create hype for Street Fighter V but Daigo waved away that notion. Watch the video and come to your own conclusion.

Street Fighter V is out today on PlayStation 4 and PC.