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Bluesound's new Pulse Mini speaker packs a power punch.

BY Jonathan Fong | Mar 24, 2016 | Technology

Review: Bluesound Pulse Mini

Disclaimer: I am not an audiophile, nor am I savvy in the realms of all things tech and gadget related. Which is why it makes perfect sense that the good folks at Lenbrook Asia would hook me up with a loaner on the Bluesound Pulse Mini for my home audio needs.

The Bluesound Pulse Mini is a compact all-in one music system that’s light, portable and sturdy. It’s a nice size that tucks in sweetly in any nook or corner in any room of the house. Set up is easy, I opted to hooked mine up directly to my internet router and plonk it next to my kid’s toy/play area.


Connectivity was key for me and I’m happy to report that the Pulse Mini streamed smooth and effortlessly on most plays, with only the odd, minimal dropping and disruption from streaming on a handful of moments (probably is attributed to internet/router issues). Even then, the Mini was able to pick up from where it left off, continuing play once a connection is re-established. This might sound like pretty basic, but it’s something that my current home system isn’t able to do.

The sound quality on the Pulse Mini is great; what impresses me most is how clear digital streaming comes across, from TuneIn radio stations to my paid digital streaming provider. I hooked the Mini up to my portable turntable (which has an inbuilt pre-amp) and switching to Analog Input produced lovely warm sounds from playing records.

If there is a flaw the with Pulse Mini, it’s controller App could really use some reworking for improvements. Having to re-log in to my paid digital streaming service in nearly every use is one thing, but the speed and usability in browsing, selecting and editing a playlist (the ease of going back and forth from an artist’s catalog as one example) could definitely use with improvement.

The good news is that software issues can be upgraded and improved. What’s most important is that the hardware is excellent, in which case the Pulse Mini certainly ranks very high amongst competitors in its price range. This one is certainly is a classy keeper.

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