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Weekend Agenda: What To Do At The Singapore Yacht Show If You Can't Afford To Buy A Boat

Eat, drink, and take a ride in a submarine.

BY Lestari Hairul | Apr 7, 2016 | Food & Drink

It’s all about the yachts this weekend.

The sixth edition of the Singapore Yacht Show kicks off today at ONE°15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove. But if you’re all about that yachting life, you’d know that already, buddy. Superyacht builders and yacht brokers abound along with a massive selection of gadgets and gizmos your pleasure crafts could ever need. Squads of supercars, fashion shows even live cooking demos by MasterChef Asia Judge Audra Morrice are there in case you get bored. And to top it all off, our nation’s own burlesque star Sukki Singapora will be performing for the SYS 2016 gala on Saturday night. Now that will be a treat.  

Perhaps it’s a wee bit too much of a bourgeois activity for the rest of you but have you checked out this submarine yet?

C-Explorer 3 submersible

You, a buddy, and maybe a lady buddy? Into the deep of up to 1,000 metres, the three of you can explore what’s down below whilst coddled in an air-conditioned setting. Yep, you got that right; you can buy a private submarine at this show. Just check out the guys at U-Boat Worx exhibiting from today till Sunday. They are also responsible for the C-Quester and Super Yacht Sub along with the other C-Explorer submersibles. As for taking one for a spin, not sure if you’ll get to see any natural wonders in the waters of Sentosa Cove…

For tickets, including to catch the gala and the Asia Boating Forum, visit the ticketing site here

Food and drink promotions with Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove

Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove has joined in the fun too. Considering it’s right there. So if you’re tired of all the glitz, glamour and fabulous life, just get back to the stretch of cafes and restaurants for promotions, live entertainment and more wining and feasting. For SGD20, you’ll get to taste  a wide variety of wines the world over at The Straits Wine Company. Get your tickets and then head to the Fountain Plaza for that. And with your pass or show guide from the yacht show, you’ll get special offers at restaurants like Bistro French Quays, Gin Khao Bistro and Greenwood Fish Market. Then try to catch the roving stiltwalkers from tomorrow till Sunday at these two timeslots: 1-2:30PM and 6:30-8PM.

For more information on offers, discounts and happenings visit Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove