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Weekend Agenda: Culture And Science

What do the stars hold for you this weekend? We donít know, astrology isnít a science. But here are three things you can definitely choose to do, no matter what the stars say.

BY LESTARI HAIRUL | May 19, 2016 | Food & Drink

Ingo Gunther

1 | Super Japan Matsuri

Otakus rejoice, now’s your chance. A Japanese summer festival will be taking place this weekend at the Esplanade. Starting from 5PM to 10PM tomorrow, and running nightly till Sunday, you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in typical matsuri shenanigans like eating grilled octopus balls, fishing for water balloons and fiddling with strings. Clad yourself in the appropriate themed attire (Ladies Night/Student Night tomorrow, cosplayers for Saturday and Family Night for Sunday) and you might just win yourself some free coupons to trade for games at the various booths dotting the Lawn. Or get senpai to finally notice you, and get free coupons too, by wearing a summer kimono. Uniqlo’s got a wide selection of the yukatas, alas only for the ladies and girls, this season. Part of the Esplanade’s 10-day Super Japan programming to mark the 50th anniversary of Sino-Singapore relations, if you missed Kyaryu Pamyu Pamyu being super odd and can’t quite make the time for the other ticketed performances here’s your chance to partake in the Japanese cultural immersion. Entry is free but you’ll need to purchase coupons for the booths.

When: May 20-22, 5PM-10PM
Where: Esplanade – Theatres On the Bay

2 | Gallery & Co block party

Alright technically, this is still culture with a side of booze and partying. Just the way we like it. It is in the National Gallery after all. So after you get educated on the various art through the years of the region, and especially in Singapore, drop by the Gallery & Co. around the time the security guards will be kicking you out of the exhibits. Their Brew + Bites promotion starts at 6PM, if you need to fuel up on SGD80 worth of free-flow craft beer (some Japanese beers for you?) and meat/seafood/veggie skewers. But if you’re all set, there’s the block party from 9PM with Daytime Dancing playing some melodic techno. Pre-game with his soundcloud here.   

When: May 20, 9PM onwards
Where: Gallery & Co. Outdoor Bar, National Gallery Singapore

3 | Big Bang Data at ArtScience Museum

After all the eating, boozing, partying and living out your weaboo fantasies in the flesh, it’s time to get down to things that tickle your brain. With a visit to the ArtScience Museum. And true to the name, this is an art exhibition that presents big data and all its implications, there’s the science bit there. All the information, and how it’s transforming the world, with a particular look at Singapore. Especially with our aspirations to being a Smart Nation you’ll come to understand with the help of installations and other interactive exhibits, how data shapes our reality and our future. While the exhibition comes from and is curated by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and Fundación Telefónica in Spain, there will be a special section dedicated to Singapore. It opens this Saturday, at 11AM and if you’re one of the first 25, you’ll get a chance to go on a tour led by curator José Luis De Vicente. But stay on after for the rest of the fun as from 2PM, a discussion panel of experts explores how information is communicated, shared and used now. Sound like your cup of tea?

When: From Saturday, May 21
Where: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
Price: from SGD15 for adults