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What To Do With All Your Nespresso Capsules?

Well recycle them, obviously.

BY EDITORS | Jun 13, 2016 | Food & Drink

Nespresso completely revolutionised the way the world consumed coffee when it introduced its first single-serve coffee machine back in 1986. Sales picked up dramatically in the ‘90s and by 2013, Nespresso machines could be found in 30 percent of the world’s 2,400 Michelin-starred restaurants, with over 27 billion capsules sold worldwide.

But therein lies a bit of a problem: those billions of single-serve capsules all have to end up somewhere, and more often than not, they end up in landfills. Cue a post-Apocalyptic scenario where Earth is overrun by trillions of aluminium capsules. It is a problem Nespresso is well aware of and keen to solve with an extensive sustainability and recycling programme. 

To date, Nespresso has worked with more than 31 countries to establish capsule collection systems with over 14,000 dedicated collection points.

In Singapore, Nespresso currently has in place 100 percent recycling capacity, and has been working a local recycler to collect, recycle and reuse used capsules. It has also partnered local farm and leading organic produce distributor, Quan Fa Organic Farm to use coffee grounds from recycled capsules in compost for organic vegetable farming. 

So just how many capsules are being recycled as a result? Well, given Nespresso’s continued investments and efforts to further drive consumer participation, we’re inclined to say not many. 

As cliché as it sounds, the most elaborate of plans will undoubtedly fail if not everyone is on board. Unfortunately, “recycling” is a word that most turn away from the moment it is uttered. It entails additional work that we just don’t want to do. And that’s the harsh truth that Nespresso has to contend with. 

Well, Nespresso has decided to leave the coffee enjoyment to you and do all the cleaning up afterwards. In addition to its capsule recycling collection points at both the ION and Takashimaya boutiques, Nespresso can send couriers (through its Recycling@home initiative) to pick up your used capsules directly from your address of choice when delivering a new order through its online portal or mobile app. 

Nespresso will also be unveiling a vignette of five short films featuring Chef Tetsuya, Tracy Phillips, Henry Golding, Anita Kapoor and Velda Tan, where they share how they make sustainability a part of their daily life, as well as a mobile collection bicycle, which will tour key locations around the country to help raise awareness in capsule recycling.