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Experience A Round-The-World Adventure With The Nespresso Grand Crus

From South India to Colombia, Ethiopia and beyond.

BY Kurt Ganapathy | Sep 6, 2016 | Food & Drink

Participating in every stage of the cherry to cup process, Nespresso has earned a reputation for selecting the world’s best coffee beans and ensuring that they get to you in pristine condition within hermetically-sealed aluminium capsules. Your pure pleasure and indulgence is at the heart of everything they do. With the launch of the limited edition Cafezinho Grand Cru, your next journey with Nespresso will see you visit the vibrant heart of Brazil. 

Drawing inspiration from Brazil’s rich and colourful coffee culture, Cafezinho is a 100 percent Brazilian blend crafted with beans from plantations in Cerrado Mineiro, Espírito Santo, Carmo de Minas and Poços de Caldas. Intense, velvety and distinctive with flavours of walnut and sandalwood, Cafezinho perfectly captures the personality and passion of its land of origin.

There are many ways to enjoy Cafezinho: espresso, with a dash of milk and even in a cappuccino or latte machiatto to bring out softer flavours like caramel. Of course, you can return to its roots and savour it in the style that millions of Brazilians swear by—bitter with unexpected notes walnut and sandalwood. 

Cafezinho will be available from September 1, 2016 at both Nespresso Boutiques in Singapore (#01-14 ION Orchard and B1 Takashimaya Department Store), online, via the Nespresso mobile app or via the Nespresso Club at 800 852 3525 (available 24/7). A pack of 10 capsules will cost SGD12.