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Japanese Dessert Company Apologises For Increasing Price Of Ice-Cream By 12 Cents

Seriously, don't sweat it.

BY Patrick Chew | Apr 6, 2016 | Food & Drink

Music isn’t the only thing that can break down language barriers; brilliant advertising can too, as demonstrated by Japanese frozen dessert company Akagi Nyugyo

The clip begins with a group of sombre-looking company employees, standing in formation. As the camera zooms out and a Japanese folk track continues to play and further bewilder viewers, a line that reads, “We held on for 25 years but…” flashes across the screen. The employees then proceed to bow in unison as a second line appears, “60→70”.

Apparently, Akagi Nyugyo felt so guilty for increasing the price of its popular Gari Gari Kun treat from 60 to 70 yen (SGD 0.74 to SGD 0.86) that it decided to produce and run a minute-long apology on nationwide television over the weekend.

It’s a subtle, elegant and classy advertisement that certainly gets the message across, something the folks behind Little Baby’s Ice Cream can learn a thing or two from: