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Survey: Millennials Dig Drinking In Moderation 

Some of us like waking up minus the headache.

BY EDITORS | Apr 19, 2016 | Food & Drink


Any gentleman worth his salt knows that there’s a tipping point when it comes to enjoying your booze – too little, and you’d be tightly wound from the grind; too much and the last thing you remember of your night out are memories of that asphalt pavement (gorgeous shade of slate, by the way).

The folks at Heineken might be onto something with their latest Enjoy Heineken Responsibly campaign. The call for drinking in moderation might be suffering from the vestiges of an image problem but millennials are apparently more sensible than the YOLO clichés that marketers would have us believe. 

According to Heineken’s survey done with 600 individuals living in Singapore, between the ages of 21 and 35, over 70 percent believe moderate drinking reflects a positive image. If that means nothing to you and it’s real-life game you’re concerned with, drink this in: while 40 percent of respondents needed some booze before approaching someone, eight in 10 respondents will likely turn their backs on someone if they deem you’ve had one drink too many. 

In an era where leave-no-traces social media platforms such as Snapchat enjoy burgeoning popularity among millennials, it’s perhaps fitting that the respondents cited portraying a good image of themselves and fear of shaming on social media as reasons as to why they’re wary of drinking excessively.  There’s also an altruistic reason—or at least an aspirational one—as a good 80 percent surveyed declared “taking care of their friends” as a motivation. 

We imagine that being able to remember what went on last night would add to your swagger and even network—no more burning bridges in a moment of clouded judgement. You get your party on, minus the consequences. 

 Sounds like a good time? Let’s toast to that, in moderation of course. 

Over the weekends of April, moderate drinkers spotted in certain areas (Robertson Quay, Haji Lane, Dempsey Hill) will be rewarded with a complimentary ride home from Grab. Up to $70,000 worth of rides up for grabs.  More information can be found on Facebook or @HeinekenSG