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Weekend Agenda: More Eating And Drinking

Exquisite beef and a farmerís market is up on the agenda.

BY Lestari Hairul | Apr 14, 2016 | Food & Drink

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia

1 | Olive beef at Terra

Spring omakase is now in session. Terra is a unique one, it’s really an Italian restaurant employing strictly Italian culinary techniques but utilising predominantly Japanese ingredients. With a Japanese Chef of course. A highlight of the omakase menu is the Chargrilled Olive Wagyu Beef Tagliata. As the tale goes, the Sanuki Wagyu beasts feed on grain for much of their lifetime up till the last two months before slaughter when they’re fed the dried olive by-products of the olive industry in Kagawa. Was it our imagination or is it a wee sweeter than we’re used to? You decide. It’s lean and tender, without losing the characteristic Wagyu suppleness and marbling. We also like the Spaghetti Nero, a squid-ink pasta with, well, squid and if you’re lucky enough in the season baby squid will be on your plate. Cooked with lobster stock you get an exquisite medley of flavours and none of the black-tinged smiles that are the norm.

The Surprise in Bloom Omakase is priced from SGD 128++ for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and for dinner from 6.30pm to 11pm. Contact Terra for reservations, located at 54 Tras Street. 



2 | Nosh at Bacchanalia's KitchenWell now we go right into the eco-friendly stuff. Moving on from their old premises by the bunch of Freemasons, the guys at Bacchanalia are now The Kitchen at Bacchanalia in their new environs at 39 HongKong Street. Stripped and more up close and personal, you’ll get to ogle at the chefs and their team as they assemble your grub. Upstairs at the rooftop, a tiny garden blooms where they’re cultivating an assortment of vegetables and herbs for the cooking. Including a cool aquaponics set-up with a school of shy fish that’ll only appear to the pure. Or so the lore goes. We almost licked the plate of the coconut risotto but practically everything on the menu is a winner. And if you like your beef, you must have their Wagyu au Poivre Vert. Sustainable, grass-fed and eco-friendly, only 55 cattle are slaughtered by the people at Blackmore for distribution the world over. Be sure to get a wine pairing on board as well, they do that well.

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia serves three course (SGD 75++), five course(SGD 125++) and seven course (SGD 165++) meals at 39 HongKong Street. Contact 9179 4552 for reservations or get your seats here


3 | Loewen Garden Weekend Market

It’s the third Saturday of the month and you know what that means. Another installment of the Lowen Gardens Farmer’s Market! Expect lots of produce fresh from the source along with an assortment of prepared food items and coffee. You could even get, uh, financial services advice if food’s not quite your thing. Or in case you spend way too much feeding your gut and liver, and need to reevaluate your life choices. Whatever it is, there’s something for everyone and there’s another excuse for you to leave the PlayStation alone.

Where: 75E Loewen Road
When: 16 April, Saturday, 9am to 2pm