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Weekend Agenda: Fatherís Day

Itís your dadís day. Or your day, if youíre a dad.

BY LESTARI HAIRUL | Jun 16, 2016 | Food & Drink

Photograph by UNIFORM.

This weekend, most would be out in droves to eat and drink to celebrate yet another occasion. That of the male DNA contribution to our existence. We won’t rehash the usual food and drink specials and promotions that such events are ripe for, you’ll run smack into them in any case, so here’s three places you can head to with your pops that we think you should check out.

1 | Beerfest Asia 2016

A no-brainer really. Unless you and your dad are teetotalers that is. Over 500 different beers are at the ready for the drinking along with live music and tribute bands to keep you entertained. And if that’s not enough, the Comedy Lounge is also back with a slew of local and international stand-up comics. You’d want to keep shelling out the SGD6-SGD8 beer sampling platters that’ll supply you with six 50ml portions. Or if you’re like one of us, do away with picking a favourite at least until the end of the festival, and taste all 500++ beers available. Do it for your dad.

When: 16-19 June
Where: Marina Promenade
Tickets: SGD 15 for a day’s pass available from SISTIC

2 | Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Relive those moments when you went out camping with dad and your siblings. Never had those moments? Then go recreate them now. Okay so there won’t be any actually camping at the Kilo grounds but you will have good grub you wish you could whip up while camping. A whole hog roasting on a spit, assorted other roasts and surprisingly, our favourites in the form of sides like patatas bravas, smashed potatoes with aioli and nam prik pao and chipotle corn on crack. By this we mean generously sprinkled with furikake. Drinks can still be BYOB so go crazy at Beerfest beforehand and bring some over while you wrap up the nosh with smores.

Camp Kilo Charcoal Club is at 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-01.

3 | Karaoke and beer at Skinny’s Lounge

We’ve been back again and again since we first stepped foot here. And your dad might like it too so after all of the above, bring him here for karaoke. Or tunes outside and a spot of pool just in case a group has already colonised the room inside. Unfussy, unpretentious, this is like our favourite dive next door to the office minus the old men singing Bon Jovi and Chinese classics at the bar. But cleaned up, serving super solid cocktails and not just cheap beer and grub. The music keeps us rooted, any bar that plays Creedence is good to keep on the roster we think, and the not-so-typically-Boat-Quay crowd makes it all worth coming back to again and again. Protip: if you drop by on a Wednesday, with dad or not, be sure to come in full drag for Ladies Night and score free drinks.

Skinny’s Lounge is at 82 Boat Quay.