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After winning three Media Publishing Association awards in 2013 and 11 in 2014, Esquire continues to be regarded as a beacon of excellent journalism in Asia with 15 wins in 2015. We have no idea where we kept the awards, though.

Founded in September 2012, the local edition is produced by a crop of respectable writers, photographers, illustrators and collaborators. Known for its powerful storytelling and ground-breaking photography, delivered in its signature wit, Esquire continues to steward men to their best in Singapore and beyond.

The birth of Esquire dates back as far as 1933 in the States and since then, the title is known for pushing boundaries with literary giants such as Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Mailer finding their voice with the magazine.

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Published in over a dozen newspaper and magazine titles, Zul Andra was an MPAS-winning nightlife journalist and a PR practitioner for over six years before joining Esquire as Editor-in-Chief in 2014. Known to be a champion of editorial integrity, brand focus and Excel sheets (love it!), he now leads an award-winning team through an exciting time in publishing.

His love for whisky lies in the same vein as his love for bold and creative stories and imagery. He can go days on end about his favourite writers: Chuck Palahniuk, Irvine Welsh and that guy who writes his cheques.

A subscriber to the fast-changing digital landscape, Zul maintains a tireless interest in how media will be consumed in the near future and the new breed of talents that come with it. He is not that fun at parties when he talks about it.

Fashion Director

Leading the highly-regarded style pages in Esquire, Janie Cai is considered an influential figure in today's world of fashion. The MPAS 2015 “Editor of The Year” is a familiar face in style blogs and websites around the globe.

Her peacock dressing—pulling off menswear better than most men—equally matches her disposition towards life and people.

As an old hat in the publishing world for the last eight years and as a sartorial guiding light, Janie prefers her popcorn sweet and her whisky neat. She's also allergic to cats and Excel sheets.


Ardent lover of Kanye West and will insist that football is called “soccer”. Philistine. Also wears sweatpants and sneakers. Relax readers, as you can see all that creative energy goes into the Esquire pages and not on our fashion team.

Head Writer

Two-time MPAS “Journalist of The Year” in 2014 and 2015, Wayne Cheong is regarded as the voice of the magazine. His keen journalistic nose has produced in-depth and revealing stories and interviews. Having started with the magazine since its inception, Cheong now leads a shortlist of the finest reporters and fiction writers across Asia.

Senior Writer

Lestari Hairul has been with Esquire for two years, and a three month-ish period as an intern. Before this she was a student studying political science with an eye towards a career in academia researching conflict resolution and peace/war studies.  She dropped out of school to join Esquire.

She prefers stories that are told in a fascinating manner but will settle for something that haven’t been written about before. She drinks—a lot—but the only thirst she’s ever had is for information.

Other passions include dance, Guinness and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Web Editor

Formerly a Features Editor at Men’s Folio and Senior Writer at Augustman, Patrick Chew now leads the digital forefront at esq.sg

Watch Editor

Having been watch editor for Calibre in Malaysia and Fashion Editor for Vida, Leong Wong’s time has been in the industry for more than a dozen years. A constant cynic but forever an optimist, he's been a keen sartorialist from the day he was able to differentiate between pants and skirts.

Art Director

With over two decades of magazine design experience, Priscilla Wong guides the overall aesthetics and style of Esquire. Bringing words and pictures to life, her astounding talent has empowered Esquire to become one of Singapore's leading men's titles. 


With the energy of an Energizer bunny, Lim Siu Fang epitomises the spirit and restlessness of today’s younger generation. As a magazine designer and—some times—stylist, Siu Fang shares her vision of what Esquire is.


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Account Director

Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Executive


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Strategy and Business Director

Marketing Manager

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